Let’s Work Project


Starting April 26th 2021 Fear None Conquer All will offer 5 weeks of professional Resume building, Job Seeking, and interview etiquette. The goal is to land a career so one can financially support one self and family. Once the program is completed participants will get a certificate of completion and incentive for participation.


  1. Build resumes from scratch and or rebuild resumes
  2. Introduce career base jobs that best fit job seeker
  3. Prepare for interviews with interview language, how to dress, and a positive attitude. Also providing transportation to and from interviews. ( Bus Pass Metro transit partnership)
  4. Interview follow up and job opportunity follow up
  5. Tools on how to “KEEP THE JOB”
  6. If a job isn’t offered within the 5 weeks of the program, the program will be extended and our organization will continue to navigate participants until a job is offered.


Participants must attend all sessions for successful outcomes. All participants must record each step toward progress in order to receive services such as bus cards, and incentives such as gift cards.